Our Newsletter

Christifidelis, the newsletter of The St. Joseph Foundation, is published eight times each year.  The St. Joseph Foundation uses the  newsletter to provide information about significant trends in the Church, address issues regarding our Catholic faith, and provide formation on the rights of the faithful under canon law.

 If you would like to receive Christifidelis free of charge, there are several options.  You can register through our website, email us at, or call us (740-937-2054).  We never sell names and do not send solicitation letters.  We only send a hard-copy version of the newsletter.  You may access past issues of the newsletter by clicking the link below.  The most current issue of Christifidelis is added to the website after hard-copies are received by our donors.

The cost to produce Christifidelis is about $30.00/year.    Donations to offset the cost of publication are always welcome.

The current issue of Christifidelis

The current issue of Christifidelis is available by clicking here! 

Archive and Back Issues of Christifidelis

 Archive and back issues of Christifidelis are available here